Tokyo, Shanghai, Krabi

Obligatory unglam photo. XDD

✿ Yellow flower hairclip: Paris Kids (Japan)
✿ White printed singlet: gift (Bangkok)
✿ Blue dotted black skirt: La Foret (Japan)
✿ Black straw soled mary janes: Mad About Shoes
✿ Silver bear necklace: gift
✿ Reversible cloth bag: made by Yingz

And then I met up with Tintin, ShiC and Hanh for tea and dinner:

Note to self: never bare your bony shoulders when around ShiC, because he will get on your case about being too thin and continually worry if you are feeling alright or am being depressed. ^^;

The Usavich keychains that I got from Nakano Broadway in Japan were for them:

The paint job on theses figurines were seriously exquisite. I still can’t get over the gradient of the moustache on the chick!

Freebies from ShiC’s headphones purchase.

ShiC’s souvenirs from Krabi,

and the following quirky tee from Shanghai:

7880 yen? You’ve got to be kidding me. I really need to wring out just how much ShiC paid for this in Shanghai. XDD

The following photos are from ShiC’s phone using the Pudding Camera app. Its free so if you’ve an iPhone, go get it! Don’t let the Korean deter you… none of us know the language either. :P

Katamari Damacy reincarnate. XDD

And then we had tao huay for supper. This shop brings back memories of the period when it was really popular many years ago.

ShiC, Hanh and Tintin.



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