Tokyo: Namja Town & Kyohei

I’d never heard of Namja Town before, and was a bit leery when it was described as an indoor theme park, but since Senpai wanted to go, we did. :D

First off, we headed for one of the two nearest train stations near Khaosan Ninja Hostel, the place we were staying at.

This is Bakurocho station. It shocked me when I first saw it, since you don’t see much of this being blatantly displayed in Singapore. Also, had peered into a few a couple of times, and never saw anyone sleeping in them. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong? Anyway, this was the only station that had cardboard houses.

Sneak!shot, because I’m incorrigible. OTL Also, boy on the right looks cute. Tee hee.

We headed down to Sunshine City:

Omg is this a 1:1 Ultraman figure?!?! AWESOME.

They have all sorts of wacky ice cream flavours here, from different regions in Japan.

We got brandy flavoured and double cheese flavoured ice creams.

The place also had a lot of Naruto-themed desserts! I suppose it was because of the new movie…

The Deidara one is super cute~

This looks a bit gross…

The toilets in Namja Town were super amusing! I’m a bit paranoid, so I kept thinking that the darkly glazed mirrors at the sinks were good for having ghost images pop out to scare people. Well, no such thing happened, but as I turned to leave, a male voice called out for me to wait, and to put my face at the human-shaped face in the mirror formed by the lights. Then he started to sing about Kappa and draw around the face. AMAZING.

Stuffed chicken in a gyoza shop. Senpai liked it, but I like my chicken to be made of chicken…

After that we loitered around fujoshi land before meeting Kyohei for lunch. :DD

Senpai wanted yakiniku (again! zomg we’d eaten it thrice already lol), so we asked Kyohei to recommend a nice place. He brought us to Labi 1, convinced that the food floor was at the top floor.

Nope, the top floor was filled with Gundam. Seriously, a whole floor nothing but Gundam. XDDD

It turns out that we needed to go to Labi 2, so we did:

Fourth time eating yakiniku. I am officially swearing off this for a while. XDD

After that I took Kyohei around to fujoshi land (ROFL), and we noted how out of place he was. It was hilarious! And then we went loitering around town when we got bored.

I’d like to see someone decked out in the reclining Buddha golden suit. *w*

And then, because I didn’t manage to see the Hachiko statue the last time I went to Shibuya… I’d always thought that it’d be bigger?! (That’s What She Said lulz)

And then we had curry udon at Gion Tei in Roppongi:

Dammit people always have this reaction to me nowadays. OTL

I quite dislike mochi (because I fear choking to death like old people), but hey, it’s the second to last day I’d be in Japan, so why not try it yea? The curry wasn’t as hot as I’d feared too, which was good. :D

Also, they provided the paper napkin! Kyohei was like, ‘you’ve got special treatment!’ XDDD

I asked if I could take photographs in the establishment. They said yes! :D

MAN I LOVE THIS FUNKY PLACE. Look at that reclining Buddha! He looks so chillax instead of dead! AWESOME.

It was great meeting up with Kyohei again! :DDD

Next up, shoppingggggggggggg. And by shopping, I mean Harajuku. Yea! :P

p.s. If this post doesn’t sound coherent, it’s because I slept at 3+am and woke up at 6+am today. It’s amazing how I could hear my phone vibrate (somehow I’d turned it to silent mode) at 6.40am when Aunty Serene called me. And I usually sleep like the dead. o_O


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