Tokyo: Harajuku

This area is easily one of my favourite places in Tokyo!

I was pleasantly surprised when the staff at Accessorize started wrapping my hairclip in tissue paper. I think in Singapore, it’d simply be chucked into the plastic bag… ^^;

✿ blue candy tee: hurs
✿ rainbow shell buttons necklace: 500yen (Japan)
✿ turquoise flower clip: accessorize (Japan)
✿ purple skirt: gift from Ruru (HK)
✿ navy leggings (120 denier): top20
✿ dark grey sneakers: rubi
✿ reversible cloth bag: made by yingz


Takeshitadoori is the famed shopping street of Harajuku, right outside the station.

Senpai alerted me to the billboard for my favourite manga series! At that time, I was more distracted by Yamapi’s YYY advert and trying to figure out what it meant, so I didn’t notice it. >_<

And then I was distracted by eerie rabbit masks (I want!):

Like a moth drawn to a flame, I followed the bunny girls up the stairs, and entered Wonder Rocket:

I bought a pair of the pale purple floral boots!

Simply lovely.

The tees on display here are awesomely awesome.

Usavich! I heart.

This is the queue for fans to enter the official JE shop. It’s crazy! So of course I went along with Senpai when she procured tickets. :P

There’s this popular place which is famous for its pizza and caramel bread I think. It’s off Takeshitadoori, straight down to the right. Pretty yummy.

There was once I did some wandering about Shibuya at night:

A shelf full of Matsumoto Taiyo, over at Tsutaya. :D

La Foret

La Foret was one of the places on my list of shopping areas, so I was really lucky when I stumbled upon it while walking aimlessly around Harajuku. In addition, the place was having a Laforet Grand Bazaar during the weekend that we were in Tokyo. It ran for five days. Lucky!

Very crowded, very cheap(er), and very noisy. The noise generated by shouting staff was highly unexpected, and I’m not sure if it’s normal or if it was limited to only this Grand Bazaar period.

I bought my blue polka dotted skirt here!

Floral jumpers the rage. (I got the one that I wore to the flower farms from here too).

My favourite photo. :D

Kiddy Land

Senpai and I went to Kiddyland too. It’s a toy and merch heaven. *_*

A table full of promo goodies for the new Ghibli animated film!

Guhh even the baskets used to temporarily store the hair bands are super cute. <3

A One Piece table. *__*


The following two photos were from our trip to Ameyoko. There was an arcade there and Senpai got bedazzled by the Bishi Bashi game. XDD

But I was more interested in revisiting Cubic Mouth Mickey and co. in the UFO machine. :DDD

We also witnessed a miracle. These two girls are INSANE.

Ugh ugh this is one messy post. ^^;

I still have photos of my spoils and some HDR photos to post, and then this arc is really done. Phew!


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