Tokyo: Ghibli Museum

First of all, a huge THANK YOU for the birthday wishes!!! ♥♥♥

Going out everyday since my birthday last Thursday nearly killed me. Urghhhh. But now that I’ve spent yesterday resting, I’m back to the backlogged Japan reportage~

We spent a couple of days in Tokyo before heading off to Hokkaido:

Khaosan Ninja

Ti recommended the Khaosan chain as a cheap and convenient hostel, and so Khaosan Ninja was where we stayed at:

Look, they even have a shuriken. The room was really small, but it’s been years since I’ve slept in a double-decker bed, so that’s plus points for it. :P

Another maniacal gleam reflection shot.

This black staircase leads to the basement where there is a kitchen, drinks vending machine and television with sofas. Pretty cool place to chill.

Senpai and I amused ourselves by putting our washed laundry into the dryer for only fifteen minutes. The ensuing we-need-to-hang-our-damp-clothes + heng-I-brought-string = we-seem-to-have-transformed-our-cramped-room-into-a-slum. XDD

We had dinner at Matsuya, a pretty popular food chain. Senpai wanted to try a vending machine meal, so this was the first one that we chanced upon that was near our lodgings:

I has to crack an egg!!! Awesomeeeee. Plus the generous serving of meat made me very happy. I mean, all these for 480 yen ($7) isn’t too bad a deal. XD

The interior of Matsuya.

The next day, we had some free time before we went to Ghibli Museum (which opened at 10am), so we headed to Kinokuniya:

I love that Japan has promo booklets everywhere. This was the first chapter of volume one of Sakamichi no Apollon, of which the sixth volume just came out. I liked it! The art was pretty and it was quite funny and I foresee a lot of *cough* fandom stuff should it become famous.

I was extremely enamored by Oyasumi Punpun‘s embossed manga covers. *_*

Holy shit the bookstores have the real thing.

Ghibli Museum

We took the Ghibli bus from Mitaka station. Senpai’s friend had previously bought the tickets from Lawrence, a Japanese konbini (convenience store), so all we had to do was buy the bus ticket at the vending machine at the bus stop.

The ticket.

And the advanced booking ticket Senpai’s friend helped us to get.

Photography wasn’t allowed indoors, but outdoors was fine. If you’ve been to the Pixar exhibition, the indoor ones were pretty similar, only much more cosy and interactive, and made of pretty. *_*

I guess it’s just as well that this was the only picture with my outfit. ^^;

Porco Rosso! One of my favourite Ghibli films. <3


After that, we went to Kichiouji, because Kei-san recommended it as one of the places for cheap shopping (the other one was Shimokitazawa), plus it was on the same line as Mitaka.

We had a Marion Crepe.

Horumon!!!!!! OTL

A haunted house in the middle of an alley. Very WTH. XDD

Senpai spied Pomme no Ki, which she’d heard very good reviews from her friends, so we had lunch there:

My omurice was from some award-winning menu. It had butter rice inside. Super delish!

I think Senpai’s one was Hayashi Sauce & Bacon Cheese Cream Omurice. Nomz~~~

Nakano Broadway

After that satisfying meal, we headed down to Nakano Broadway for some fandom goodness. :D

Usavich!!! I went crazy over this… After that when I asked why Senpai didn’t stop me, she said that there was something in the way my eyes lit up… ^^;

Next up is one more day in Tokyo before we fly off to the wonderful world that is flower farms in Hokkaido~ :D


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