I should say by now that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been keeping up with Zalora news – I love the affordability and fast delivery of its items, and am always checking up on their promotions. So when it was announced that City Chain Singapore boarded the online platform, I couldn’t help but feed my curiosity. I’ve also mentioned this before, but I’m not a big fan of watches – they were useful when I was still in school and mobile phones were only just breaking into the market, but now that everyone and their grandmas own a smartphone that does virtually everything, I find that I’d rather do without analogue timekeeping devices – they don’t fit my rectangularly-shaped wrists, I feel compelled to wash them after going to the bathroom (bad, uncomfortable idea), and I get a watch-shaped tan on my arm after a while out in the perpetual sunny island of Singapore.

On the flipside, there have been times when my phone runs out of juice and I find myself inconveniently lost in a time bubble. At which point I sorely wish that I had an analogue watch to depend on. But those are rare ocassions and all I have to do is to sneak up on some unsuspecting stranger and peek at their wristwatch… or gather up the courage to ask someone the time if I’m really desperate.

The timeless design of timekeeping devices does retain its value though, and it’s appeared as aesthetic accessories among friends and strangers alike, even though sometimes the watch doesn’t actually tell the time anymore. I’ve always been fascinated with the tiny gears merging with tiny bits and pieces to form a clockwork precision every second of the day. My favourite watches to look at are those which expose the inner mechanics; all very steampunk. Me gusta. Those are however, priced way out of my budget. No me gusta.

I’ve been itching to experiment a little bit more with watercolours, and it so happened that the collection by City Chain showcased some pretty sweet watches, so why not. Here are two I had my eye on, submerged in all the swirly watercolours I probably went overboard on. 😂

Superdry watch watercolor illustration.Superdry – I used a light wash on everything and filled in the details with sharp colour pencils. 日本からの品がいつも面白いと思う.

Solvil et Titus watch watercolor illustration.Solvil et Titus – I botched something up somewhere in there and decided to go all out with the watery flow.

It was fun. I really ought to use more art supplies I’ve been hoarding all my life more often.

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