This Cap Fits Just Right

I dug out my ‘mailman’ cap!

Shasha got it for me– in what 2005? 2006?– when she, Ruru and I were in Far East Plaza window-shopping. Ruru and I were lamenting about our heads being gargantuan and how we could never find caps large enough to cover our abnormally large craniums. This was the first ever perfect fit that I’ve had. However, I’m really cheapo and can be extremely unwilling to part with my money every time sometimes, so I left the shop to think twice about making this purchase.

Long story short, Shasha sneakily went back to get this cap for me as my birthday present that very same day. ♥♥♥!!!

✿ Grey pop rocks tee: Hurs
✿ Grey long cardigan: Bugis Village
✿ Dark grey harem pants: Malaysia
✿ Black beaded slippers: Bus Stop
✿ Grey striped cap: gift (Far East Plaza)

Anyway, I’ve been really constrained by twenty-four hours every day, thanks to work in the day and then dinners with friends (because it’s December and people are flying off, and I am flying off for a good six months soon and apparently it’s socially mandatory to see each others’ faces before sitting on a plane. :P), while squeezing side projects in between.

Every time I post a backlogged entry, I try to write in words in addition to those that were written long ago in the blog drafts, which is why you hardly see me posting regularly nowadays. :(

Id est, I’m making up excuses for not posting up blog drafts. Then again, I’ve always been a constipated person. :D

ANYWAY, I tweeted at my poor, neglected excuse of an account last night because I was too arsed to go to the blog:

I get a warm fuzzy feeling to see Shasha and Yuunsama use my photos as their display pictures. ♥

And to Shasha, because according to data, I don’t think I’ll be visiting my twitter until the next month or so– YES GIN-CHAN! He’s the reason why I haven’t cleared the photos from my camera. XDDDD

Okay, popping back out to continue my Priority One Super Sekrit Project. It’s Super Sekrit because if I don’t make it in time, at least no one has any expectations or anything. This means you, Ade. :P


  • shasha

    I can’t remember which year too! Haha.

    Awww, I’ll keep using them with your permission, of course! :D And want to ask for your permission to use one the photos you took of me to be used in my bio for work. Can? ( *__* )

    AND! Gin-chan. Don’t need to delete from your camera… just transfer. I can’t stop thinking about the cosplayer ♥♥♥ Hahahaha. You haven’t sent me quite a lot of photos too. Are you pissed off cos I keep thanking you all the time? :p

    Btw, karaoke + sleepoverrrrrrrrrr. When? You’ll leaving in just a few weeks!

  • Elaine

    Oh, that is SO sweet of your friend!!! I also have a hard time finding hats for my head…but mostly because I’m afraid of hats…and how they look on my big head!

  • Mary

    Hahaha. You’re head doesn’t look big! What a nice friend you have. I love it when people listen to something you said you liked or whatever that you don’t even remember saying, then secretly they buy it for you. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside:)

    • ✿ren

      Hahaha I’m convinced that it is! I even have a theory that my big head is part of the reason why people think that I’m shorter than I really am.

      And yup! Shasha sets the standard for being the most caring friend ever. I also wouldn’t have survived university without her kicking my lazy butt. XDD

  • kazu2008

    Hi Ren. This is Kazu. Do you remember me?

    I am from Lang-8.

    How are you doing? Long time no see.

    Did you delete some of your entries?

    You took a tour around Japan, didn’t you?

    I took a look at your singing on Youtube. It was very cute.

    • ✿ren

      Hi Kazu-san, of course I remember you! Nope I didn’t delete any of my entries, and Japan was really fun! I want to go there again some day. :)

      Thank you! I kept wanting to laugh while recording because I felt ridiculous singing to a camera. XDD

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