The King Apologises

So, I was an hour early to meet Lix a month ago (remembered the wrong time; arghhh blur like sotong!), so I thought I’d explore the meeting place a bit and perhaps find somewhere to take an outfit photoshoot. :D

This is me replying to a lady who came out of the door and exclaimed that she thought there was a restaurant here? And I was like, yes there is, you have to walk further down to the right. XDD

If you haven’t already noticed, I was trying to hide my chin pimples. OTL

✿ Pink seamstress top: gift (Shanghai)
✿ Dark grey harem pants: Malaysia
✿ Floral boots: Wonder Rocket (Japan)
✿ Monochrome flower hairclip: gift (Bangkok)

Lix and I chilled at Burger King. There was one particular spot where it had an iPod/iPhone dock and you could play your music through the speakers on top. IT WAS AWESOME:

It also happened to be the day where Burger King launched their ice cream. Since it was the first day, they were giving ice cream cones for free from 2 – 6pm. DOUBLE AWESOME. I got two during the time we stayed at Burger King. XDD

And then we explored a bit of town and harassed some kitties:

And then I harassed Lix:

“Aiya, damn it.”

“Should have run faster.”

For the record, Lix was trying to sneak into a condo after a resident entered… ROFL


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