The Impropriety Seesaw (Giveaway)

Happy Lunar New Year! If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you may have an inkling of my whereabouts in Korea for the past couple of weeks, only returning home on the first day of festive celebrations two days ago. It’s good to be back living in perpetual summer and a moisturising 80% humidity.

… I kid, but only partially.

One of the items I brought with me was the Tatiana lace shapewear. The beautiful piece is one of two items I was excited to be styling through another collaboration with Vedette Shapewear this year. I love the balance it straddles between utility (ribbing and back support) and aesthetics (delicate lace material). The bra cups are non-padded, a change from the usual, providing the small-chested like me a lightweight piece and a little more comfort and intimacy. Also, I appreciate how accessible the corset is with the front closures- I’m a sucker for pretty things designed for practical wear.

Vedette Shapewear white lace corset, French Terrier puppies panties from Forever 21.

This post is a little bit more baring than usual; I’ve been gradually shedding the layers of repression that I’ve worn all my life. Growing up with conservative, confucian values trained me to hold propriety for being born female. Shaping the shell that I’ve embraced so tightly for so many years, growing older and realising that sexuality isn’t something to be ashamed of has changed my perspective on things. It has also made me more daring in the clothes I wear and what I choose to reveal. It’s still out of my comfort zone for now, but at least I’ll be aided by pretty white lace along the way.

Vedette Shapewear white lace corset, M)phosis sheer white blouse., Tutu Anna pastel striped leg warmers.I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of bringing my laptop with me whenever I travel though. That’s a whole different set of values stemming from the Y2K generation.

Vedette Shapewear white lace corset, M)phosis sheer white blouse., Tutu Anna pastel striped leg warmers.

Vedette Shapewear white lace corset, M)phosis sheer white blouse.

I’m also hosting another surprise giveaway! 6 lucky readers will receive a surprise piece directly from Vedette. It’ll be a random drawing, and all you have to do is to:

✖ Like the Vedette Shapewear facebook page.
✖ Leave a comment below using a valid email address.

Extra chances if you:

✖ Follow Vedette Shapewear on Tumblr.
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Giveaway is open worldwide and ends 15 March 2015. Good luck!

Lace corset c/o Vedette Shapewear
Blouse from M)phosis
Legwarmers from Tutu Anna

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.


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