The Birthday of 2013

The day before my birthday on September 1st, I had what I thought was a normal lunch meet up with Ade and Puey at Cups N Canvas. Who would have thought that these two sneaked in a surprise celebration for me after lunch! You guys. <3 Cups N Canvas.

Cups N Canvas.The place is split into half- one is a cafe and the other is an art space.

Interior of Cups N Canvas.

Interior of Cups N Canvas.

Sweet potato latte and other drinks at Cups N Canvas.Their Sweet Potato Latte was so good.

Fish and Chips at Cups N Canvas.Fish and Chips too.

Cut up Fish and Chips at Cups N Canvas.It was the first time we tried food at Cups N Canvas, so we ended up up splitting three different dishes. Ade was pretty amused at the way I mauled the fish fillet into little (and practical) pieces.

Ade's avian temporary tattoo.

Puey, Ren, and Ade celebrating Ren's 27th birthday at Cups N Canvas.Puey, Me, and Ade!

Ren's 27th birthday at Cups N Canvas.Twenty-seven.

Slice of surprise birthday cake for Ren's 27th birthday.

Birthday cake from Ade and Puey for Ren's 27th birthday at Cups N Canvas.

Birthday present of a butterfly in a jar from Ade & Puey.

Ren playing with her birthday present of a butterfly in a jar from Ade & Puey.

Cups N Canvas was located near Oven Marvel in Sunshine Plaza, a place which Puey’s parents own, and which offer some of the best confectioneries you’ll get to taste in Singapore. Puey’s mum even gave Ade and I an assortment of muffins and pies!!! Thank you Puey’s family!

At Oven Marvel.

Puey and owners at Oven Marvel.

Puey with confectionaries at Oven Marvel.

Muffins and pastries at Oven Marvel.

September 2nd itself was a quiet affair, spent with with Mum, Brat #1, and Brat #2 for dinner at Vegan Burg. Mum had heard about it from her friends, so she drove us down to try it. Their decor is super cute, what with synthetic grass lining surfaces that I’d never expect. The burgers were a little disappointing though, especially since I’d had some really juicy vegan burgers back in LA. Still, points for decor, presentation, and a large piece of lettuce wedged in the burger.

synthetic grass lining the tops of benches at Vegan Burg.

Ketchup counter at Vegan Burg.

Drinks and ketchup at Vegan Burg.

Burger and fries at Vegan Burg.

Burger from Vegan Burg.

To cap the day off, I had yet another surprise cake (sort of- my family isn’t too big on surprises either, so everyone had warned me about there being a cake already), homemade fruit tarts (c/o Aunty Serene), and leftover nommy muffins (c/o Oven Marvel). We got so full from the cake that I had the fruit tarts and muffins for breakfast the next morning.

Ren and cake and assortment at her 27th birthday celebration.

Brat #1 to celebrate Ren's 27th birthday.Brat #1 prepared the table.

Family celebration for Ren's 27th birthday.Ti came back at night and joined in the celebration as The Guy With The Lighter.

Birthday cake for Ren's 27th birthday.

Happy birthday to me.

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