I just spent my very first traditional Thanksgiving with Deb and Jac and a whole lot of oven-roasted turkey. Traditional thanksgiving dinner courtesy of Deb, master chef. My role was just to supply manpower in turkey-transporting (for the oven), and claiming defeat after attacking a turkey leg at the dinner table.

Speaking of thank yous, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a couple of care packages from awesome friends recently. The first was a belated birthday package of OMGLUVS from Eve! I’ve come to love Leonidas pralines (this box was the third installment , and made it a point to ration it to one or two everyday. This was also one of the few times I was able to share these chocolatey loot with friends! Food always tastes best when shared, I feel.

Anyway, I love the animal theme in here, what with the cracked-up gorilla postcard, awesomely intricate lion finger puppet (it even has a tail!), super cute foxy socks, bambi-ish stickers, and a super duper cool wooden robot kit that comes in an amazing vintage-looking tin box. SO. MUCH. WIN. <3

The second was from Ruru, whom I had the rare chance to meet up with when she was on the LA leg of her USA trip! Her stopover flight was at Narita Airport in Japan, so she got me this package of snacks that I made sure to ration as well, but which eventually ran out far too soon for my liking. Also, that awesome multi-lead pencil was a gift from both Ruru and Shasha!

Thank you, you awesome girls, and have a Happy Turkey Day, everyone!


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