National Gallery: Minimalism: Space. Light. Object

    I visited the latest exhibition held in a first-ever collaboration between the National Gallery and the ArtScience Museum yesterday! Minimalism: Space. Light. Object is split among two venues and will be running until mid-April 2019. I took some pictures of my favourite pieces as usual: Mega Death by Tatsuo Miyajima, 1999/2016LED, IC, electric wire & infrared sensor Mega Death is a dark room lit only by blue LED lights – numbers that count down at different rates, until suddenly the entire room plunges into darkness. The intervals are pretty long, so we were lucky to have viewed this piece at the right time to experience it! Room For One Colour…

  • Neutral Minimalist Style: Uniqlo oversized knit vest, Zara skirt, Tutuanna socks, Kurt Geiger Lovebug leather sneakers, Fossil backpack, Firmoo red glasses, Cirkus Charms silver triangle earrings.

    Of Friendships

    When I have time to myself, I sometimes – more than I’d like to – ruminate on my part in the world. While it’s refreshing to take apart the reasons why I act the way I do, most of the time it takes a darker turn where I find that I do not measure up. In this particular instance to wit, I thought about my definition of friendships, and how it lies on the other end of the rope from people who seem to be able to casually call strangers friends. Perhaps I over-complicate the situation, but ‘acquaintance with whom I enjoy a mutual understanding over food or witty banter’…


    Top of the World

    … Or rather, top of what I can only perceive to be a tumorous banana in the vegetable playground in the neighbourhood. I was feeling quirky, so this embroidered giraffe shirt from Shein and super cute crossbody bag from Zara (which Ruru gave me for my birthday this year – thank you!) came out to play. Me and wrinkles = BFFs. I honestly don’t know why the architects of this playground thought to merge a bunch of… grapes? Raspberries? Onto a peeled banana skin. Then against, abstract thought has never been my forte. The wear and tear in this potassium-rich slide is most prevalent among the other vegetable structures, so it’s quite possible…