• Uniqlo bratop, M)phosis sheer shirt, CNDirect distressed denim shorts, Urban Outfitters knit lace socks, Zalora shoes, Firmoo glasses.

    Time & Space & UV Rays

    I’ve sort of been putting my blog on the back burner as certain events transpire over the next couple of months. It doesn’t help that I’ve finally begun to organise the contents of three hard-drives (and possibly one dating back to pre-2010 full of old artwork if it’s able to be revived) and wow does that bring back old memories. I’ve been sharing snippets of them over at my Instagram and each time I come across something – or someone – I forgot about, I remember that my fervent documentation is because I forget. One of my favourite shirts comes from a local brand which has since shut down. I’ve been…

  • Windowsill outfit: Zalora chain-back top, Shein embroidery miniskirt, Rawrow canvas slingbag via Zalora, Firmoo red glasses, Sammy Icon printed socks, Kurt Geiger Lovebug leather sneakers.

    Of Walls & Textures

    I’ve a propensity for photographing interesting textures. I suppose that growing up in a house surrounded by decorative stucco walls must have rubbed off me in one way or another – a memory from so long ago suddenly surfaces in which I grew bored and started an obsessive attempt to peel the uneven surfaces off with my fingernails (to no avail). Later when I started noticing the interiors of other people’s houses, I realised that flat walls were the norm. While the plain wall has its appeal in its simplicity, I think I’ve always been one to favour mitigated chaos in the tactile and non-tactile.  I liked this table texture…

  • White cow on a beach in Chennai India.

    Day Trip to Mahabalipuram

    Happy lunar new year! I’m starting the lunar calendar documenting the final day of Shasha’s and my trip to India last June. We spent it revisiting asian art history via a day tour to Mahabalipuram. This trip was booked at the service counter at New Woodlands Hotel the previous day, which included a private car rental to shuttle us directly from the hotel to wherever we wanted to go. I’m so not a day person though. By the way, that’s an amusing Threadless t-shirt I own titled ‘Cowboys and Indians‘ – you know, in an alternate history. Shasha and I had breakfast at Krishna Restaurant located right inside the hotel. This was where Rohit…