• Fangirl catgirl outfit in Tokyo: Shein champagne crushed velvet dress, Dresslily knee-high cat socks, vintage floral gold earrings.

    Tokyo: Yuri!!! on Ikebukuro

    I dedicated one day in our Japan trip for fangirling, much to Ottie’s chagrin. Yuri!!! on Ice brought me back to fandom after it captured my heart with its beautiful character styles, ice-skating sequences, and catchy original songs. It’s honestly one of the more consistently quality anime I’ve watched in a while, and it doesn’t hurt that it promotes a healthy (well, kinda) same sex relationship without resorting to tired-out tropes. Namja Town hosted a limited time Yuri on Ice exhibit, so of course I had to pay it a visit even though I’d been there before (also, wow the way I used to write was embarrassing). The indoor theme park has shrunk significantly since, but still worth a visit…


    Shimmer & Shine in Green

    I fell in love with this shimmery backless dress from CNDirect a while back, and was really looking forward to wearing it. The cloth didn’t disappoint, but the daring cut of the top caused a bit of nervousness when I put it on – with good cause in fact, as I didn’t fill it out as much as the style dictated. Oh well. Ottie saved the day by pinning the extra fabric with a vintage rose brooch I’m fortunate enough to inherit, which ties everything together better than I expected. Go brooches! Thanks to the Star Wars personality chart which regained popularity recently due to the seventh instalment of the franchise, I retook…