• Floral outfit for flowers picked from Floral Garage SG's fruit hamper: Gerbera, Eucalyptus leaves, Topshop pink overlay dress, Lowry's Farm shorts, Uniqlo bratop.

    Floral Garage: Fruit Hamper

    I had the pleasure of receiving a fruit hamper from Floral Garage last week for a review! Floral Garage is a local online florist that believes in making it affordable for people to express themselves with flowers – even so, they offer quite a large range of choices with floral bouquets ranging from SGD $30 to $300. They even stock accessories such as balloons, plushies, and – as evident from my title – fruit hampers. Heck, they even have a Vegetable Bouquet for when you want to gift something fun and practical! Or, you know, Condolence Stands. It was pretty entertaining to scroll through their store to spot these creative themed items. Anyway, I…


    Our Leap Year Wedding: Behind-the-Scenes

    Ottie and I got hitched at a leap year this February 29th. Part of the reason for this special date was so that we wouldn’t forget it (we don’t even remember the exact date we first met). Another reason for it was so that we didn’t have to celebrate our anniversary every year… on a more serious note, I’m an escapist when it comes to dealing with parental disapproval at my life choices, so that made up the final part on why we ended up in Minnesota. I still have a pretty good relationship with my parents (I think) – we simply tend to stubbornly push on until the deed…


    Red Light White Veil

    Hi! I’m back from my surprise!extended hiatus and a much-needed break from everything that’s been going on in my life lately. Things have been good, and while certain changes were inevitable – such as the fact that I now have the label ‘wife’ tacked unto my identity – life has pretty much stayed the same. Hell, my name wasn’t even changed, although Ottie and I were contemplating adopting a new surname together when we applied for our marriage license. Too bad we wussed out after weighing the pro of having an awesome made-up surname versus the con of the amount of paperwork we’d have to go through after the name change. So…