• Photograph of the Hjemkomst on the waters in a museum in Moorhead, Minnesota.

    Hjemkomst – Across the Seas

    I’m ending 2016 with my last post of my trip to the US from back in February this year. Ottie and his mum brought me to the Hjemkomst Center to check out this really cool handmade Viking ship replica that a crazy guy built back in the late 70’s to early 80’s, in an attempt to replicate the entire process the Vikings underwent for their journey across the sea to land on US soil; only this time he would be heading in the opposite direction, back to Norway. The word ‘hjemkomst’ means ‘homecoming’ in Norwegian apparently, which was pretty poetic. Then again, anyone willing to dedicate the last years of…

  • Sock puppet knit hat, Blue wig, Banggood red lace mermaid dress, Urban Outfitters floral lace tights, Steve Madden boots, wedding bouquet of red roses.

    Got The Morbs

    This was the last photoshoot I had planned for my wedding trip. I went back to my favourite place in Minnesota for the third time with Ottie – previous times were during the autumn of 2012 and winter of 2013 I believe. It was the second time I’d gone in winter, but I was very pleased with how different the place looked. When I’d gone in 2013, it had been the thick of winter in (January), but winter was easing out for this expedition in early March this year. I loved sliding across the ice-covered ground! Definitely not a common sight back home in Singapore. I’ve been feeling a bit of the…


    Pro Tempore

    This was the second half of my foray into smoke bombs earlier this year (check out my first smoke bomb photoshoot here). I had bought a pack of 3 red canisters from Enola Gaye to try them out and spent my last two canisters for this shoot in the nearby park. Very few people were willing to brave the cold outdoors apart from Ottie and I; we basically had the whole park to ourselves, which was very fine by me. And while the plush smoke was quick to dissipate in the wintry breeze, I suppose that it would work well the next time I find the opportunity to play with…