Los Angeles: Earth Day Latino 2012

    Another post from back in 2012 that I found in the recesses of my ‘To Blog‘ folders in LA. This is the last of the batch I guess, at least for now. Zen and I were invited by Fab to camp at the Los Angeles State Historic Park for Earth Day Latino last year, where events for the Eco-interns and a wildlife animal showing were held. It was my first time camping on the grounds itself (the previous year was spent at the warehouse). Zen and I got to set up our very own tent that Fabian rented for us from a sponsor who was renting tents for free, which…


    Los Angeles: Venice Beach

    I’ve probably expounded too many times the beauty of the beaches in Los Angeles. I’ve never particularly fancied spending time at one until I lived there. Venice beach was a veritable trove of buskers, skaters, tourist traps, and the inevitable energy that came with all these people. Policemen on horses!!!! We had a picnic. Jesca made cupcakes. ♥ Jesca and I by the rocks. Every Sunday in the afternoon I think, there’s a drum circle. The energy there is amazing. Anyone can join, and anyone can dance. It’s just awesome on high: In the zone. Continuing on:


    Los Angeles: Hollywood

    I wondered why I didn’t have any posts about Hollywood when I was assembling the mountainous collection of my travelogue page, when I found a couple of items in my very much neglected ‘BADLY IN NEED OF POSTING‘ folder from ages ago. So here you go, from way back in early 2011, with some of my favourite people when I was in LA: Chippendales. I didn’t want to come into close bodily contact with half naked men, so this arrangement worked out fine. XP Jack Sparrow. House. Got a Rambo shot because Pa loves the show. It was the week of Michael Jackson’s death anniversary. Friends we made at our…