• Uniqlo bratop, M)phosis sheer shirt, CNDirect distressed denim shorts, Urban Outfitters knit lace socks, Zalora shoes, Firmoo glasses.

    Time & Space & UV Rays

    I’ve sort of been putting my blog on the back burner as certain events transpire over the next couple of months. It doesn’t help that I’ve finally begun to organise the contents of three hard-drives (and possibly one dating back to pre-2010 full of old artwork if it’s able to be revived) and wow does that bring back old memories. I’ve been sharing snippets of them over at my Instagram and each time I come across something – or someone – I forgot about, I remember that my fervent documentation is because I forget. One of my favourite shirts comes from a local brand which has since shut down. I’ve been…


    The Time Traveling Pants

    So a certain someone’s repulsion to unpacking their boxes of stuff from the move more than a month ago has been the subject of shame and admonishment but why can’t I just become one with the soft fluffy cloud that is my mattress topper? I’ll get to unpacking when I can’t find the stuff I need. (◉﹏◉๑) It’s been a while since this pair of silky soft American Apparel trousers surfaced in my outfits. Truth be told, my interest in wearing pants only resurged of late – in fact the last time I documented myself wearing it was back in 2013. I’d like to think that my sense of matching with…


    Lazada Singapore’s Blogger Bazaar

    I was fortunate to score an invite to the first ever Lazada Bloggers Bazaar in Singapore last Friday! Lazada is a prominent online retailer of all sorts of goodies ranging from clothes to electronics in asia, so I was pretty excited to see what they had in store for us for first dibs. I like electronics just as much as I like clothes (although my blog archives may present plenty of evidence to the contrary), so this post may lean a little heavy on all the shiny metals and plastics. For example, I got to pit my horrid centre of gravity against the Ninebot Hoverboard! This was about as far…