• Neutral Minimalist Style: Uniqlo oversized knit vest, Zara skirt, Tutuanna socks, Kurt Geiger Lovebug leather sneakers, Fossil backpack, Firmoo red glasses, Cirkus Charms silver triangle earrings.

    Of Friendships

    When I have time to myself, I sometimes – more than I’d like to – ruminate on my part in the world. While it’s refreshing to take apart the reasons why I act the way I do, most of the time it takes a darker turn where I find that I do not measure up. In this particular instance to wit, I thought about my definition of friendships, and how it lies on the other end of the rope from people who seem to be able to casually call strangers friends. Perhaps I over-complicate the situation, but ‘acquaintance with whom I enjoy a mutual understanding over food or witty banter’…


    Singapore Garden Festival 2016

    I bought weekday tickets to the Singapore Garden Festival last week. The festival ran for only a week, and since I have weekdays off from work, I decided to go on a weekday to avoid the worst of the weekend crowd. However, Ottie threw a wrench in my plans when he found out that he wasn’t free by the time I’d bought the tickets (lame), but it worked out because Ken (MD DesignWorks) was – he’d been needing a break from designing awesome stuff. Yay for burnt-out friends! Weekday tickets to the festival were priced at $12 (I got them at half price). The displays were not bad, albeit slightly…



    Aaah we were going to miss these Manneken waffles so much that we bought a bunch for our Shinkansen ride to Tokyo! So much yums. Just to even things out, I also fell asleep and missed the sight of mount Fuji godammit. Anyway, we spent our last three days in Tokyo, which remains one of my favourite cities to visit. First stop, Akiba! Did you know that Akihabara (秋葉原), while famous as an otaku haven, is so named for its autumn leaves? Pretty obvious if you know kanji, but just thought I’d put it out there. We also got some grub from Fuji Soba (名代 富士そば), a vending machine noodle…