Our Engagement Story

    Our last evening in Cape Town saw us driving up to Table Mountain and viewing the bay of Cape Town from the mid-point. We decided not to join the incredibly meandering queue for the 225 Rand (SGD $20) roundtrip cable car ride which would have brought us all the way to the flat peak, opting instead to drive away from all the tourists to get a quieter view. That’s Lion’s Head and Signal Hill on the left. Lion’s Head is the pointy bit on the extreme left (and according to the Dutch in the 17th century, beared a resemblence to a crouching lion) while Signal Hill (apparently also known as Lion’s…


    Cape Town Noms

    I collected a few of the yummy food photos we were lucky enough to try out in Cape Town. Wish we could have stayed longer! It would have been cafe-hopping heaven. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking here while my tummy grumbles in nostalgia. Jerry’s Burger Bar O’ways Teacafe It was my first time playing Peg Solitaire. I lost. Hudsons The Burger Joint Oblivion Bar & Kitchen Royale Eatery Loco Lounge


    Flowers at Kirstenbosch

    Back to my trip to South Africa – we met up with Cand and drove up to the most biodiverse national parks that the country boasts in Kirstenbosch one sunny day. It was pretty glorious… I even got to touch their national flower! The King Protea is a blooming beast with spiky petals for extra ferocity. It’s pronounced pro-tea-uh, but somehow I can’t stop thinking of a king who really loves tea. Anyway, pictures in this wonderful adventuring park! Entrance was only 55 Rand (SGD $5). The scenery in this country is ridiculously photogenic. I still can’t get over it. We walked across the new Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway: The underside…