• Selfie at the URBAN REVIVO at Raffles City media launch.


    I was flattered to have received an invite out of the blue for the URBAN REVIVO media launch at Raffles City last Friday. Their new flagship store is pretty ambitious, with a wide variety of styles covering three floor spaces. Ottie was my plus one, so we decided to have dinner before heading over at 8pm, right before the fashion runway show commenced. Those shoes. ♥ I loved the plastic makeup on the models! Having Ottie as my plus one at these events usually spells a night of bickering over how different our tastes run. He likes the flimsy wool-blend grandpa coat I find no structure in whatsoever. I’m drawn to…


    Shimmer & Shine in Green

    I fell in love with this shimmery backless dress from CNDirect a while back, and was really looking forward to wearing it. The cloth didn’t disappoint, but the daring cut of the top caused a bit of nervousness when I put it on – with good cause in fact, as I didn’t fill it out as much as the style dictated. Oh well. Ottie saved the day by pinning the extra fabric with a vintage rose brooch I’m fortunate enough to inherit, which ties everything together better than I expected. Go brooches! Thanks to the Star Wars personality chart which regained popularity recently due to the seventh instalment of the franchise, I retook…


    Cape Town: The Lion’s Cage & Rhodes Memorial

    Recounting my trip to South Africa in September took a backseat with all the outfit photos et cetera, but I’m going to be continuing them sporadically now that my recent vacation is over. 2015 has seen me traveling quite a bit! Seems like every time I manage to take a breather it’s always cut short by something or another – not that I’m complaining, especially if those somethings mean that I get to whisk away to another part of the world, another glimpse of a different culture. Anyway, Ant brought Ottie and I to one of his favourite haunts back when he was studying in the University of Cape Town.…