• Lounging by the jets at the infinity pool at hotel PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore. Wearing Piha white wrap lace bikini top, Bella Kini black lace bottoms.

    PARKROYAL on Pickering: A Birthday Staycation

    Let me lay this out – I distrust surprises. I don’t appreciate having to scramble for appropriate reactions in the moment (which is why I fully embrace text messaging and email as opposed to real-time calls). I also feel that I don’t deserve awesome friends expending all these time and effort in my life because I’m a lazy bum and I can’t think of any time I’ve ever reciprocated? So it was a surprise to even myself that I planned a surprise staycation for Ottie’s upcoming birthday over this weekend. I say “planned”, but in fact I only placed a booking just a day prior on a Friday. I also say “for Ottie”, but really I just…