• Three-legged cat.

    Three-Legged Kitty & Gnocchi at Garibaldi’s

    Ottie and I came across a three-legged kitty while scouting for a place to take outfit photos at one day. I was so shocked at this kitty anomaly that all I could utter was the question, “why does it have three legs?”, like a broken record. Luckily, a passerby heard my voiced confusion and said that this kitty was probably mauled by a dog a few months back and was found with its paw dangling bloodily by a thread. Someone had brought it to the vet to get it treated, but I guess the limb had to be amputated after all. It was sad to hear of what this kitty had…


    Channeling Bacchus at Fairview Wine & Cheese

    Apart from its scenic landscapes, South Africa is also known for its wines, and so it was that we headed out to Fairview Wine and Cheese for a wine-tasting weekend activity. Fairview was about an hour’s drive away, so I’m not sure just how often it is that locals make the trip up there… but for good, super cheap wine and cheese? Yeah, we could do that (especially since Ant’s bro Matt was driving). Whee! The view offered by this country never failed to impress (as usual). Looking at all these pictures is just making me tired out from all the suppressed anger at how unjustly natural beauty gets distributed…


    Wedding Night Advice

    This was an outfit I wore to the wedding dinner I was a bridesmaid of. It was the most casual I’d dressed to a wedding dinner, but comfort was key after a long day of standing in heels and worrying about the order of things. Being a self-professed fashion blogger gave me a get-out-of-faux-pas card I hope? I tried to bling it up with some accessories through my vintage adjustable necklace and a cool handcrafted hair stick I got for myself in Argentina. I miss that place. Some simple wedding advice cards I designed for the cute little board us bridesmaids made for the couple. We used the leftover flowers I mentioned in my…