The Old Brick Dragon

    It’s June already! Father’s Day is coming soon, and I originally wanted to save this for later, but then I had another moment in which Pa was more active in front of the camera, so here it is. I think it’s cool that he’s been rather game regarding this whole let’s-go-find-a-place-to-take-photos-together thing. :D This old brick dragon playground has been around for at least twenty years already. My first five years were spent in this neighbourhood, and I do have some inkling of playing in it back when the playground was filled with sand. I really want to go back and take a proper photoshoot, but it’ll have to be…


    New Year, Same Old Me.

    Hello, traveler. Come and tend your well-worn shoes. We are all stories. OUTFIT Uniqlo bratop Zara plaid pants Miss Sixties wool hat Mixit mary jane heels Swarovski pendant necklace


    Memories of Trees (And The Lack of Climbable Surfaces)

    Forever21 dress // Urban Outfitters tights // Top Shoes boots // gifted agate necklace This was the first time I tried painting a gradient on my nails. I was doubtful about the outcome when I first started, but it was surprisingly easy to do! The key point was to use nail polish that is thin, so that applying multiple layers with each subsequent layer covering a smaller surface area would create the effect of a gradient. I only had a few thin nail polish colours, which was the pink I used in here, and a blue one that I dipped at the tips of my fingers. The blue created a…