• ZoukOut 2016 outfit: Missguided Parrot Print Crossover Bikini Top, Forever 21 green denim shorts, CNDirect blue chiffon kimono cardigan, Topman gorilla socks, Timberland blue boots.

    ZoukOut 2016

    I won a pair of tickets to ZoukOut this year, thanks to 52,000 points stagnating in my Perx EZ-Link Rewards card and a mailer telling me that I could win a pair of tickets via lucky draw for 100 points each. Guess where I blew all my points on. :P Also, can I just say that winning day 2 was icing on top of the cake because I wouldn’t have been able to make it to day 1. Also, Zedd and Martin Garrix were set to play on day 2, and I really wanted to see them if I was going. Score! Here’s basically how my weekend went down. We…