• Ottie and Ren's derp mirror selfie with a Canon dSLR.

    Beary Late

    I’m wearing a beary christmas sweater which was long overdue for Christmas – the package from Zaful got stuck in transit, and I finally received it just last week. It’s a good thing that the illustration on what would have been my second christmas sweater (after the meowy christmas one) was not too obvious, because that would have been very obviously passé. I originally thought that the illustration was made out of embroidery, and was quite disappointed to find that it was merely paint on the surface. Am half-afraid to put it in the wash in case the paint peels off? What do? Barring the illustration, the sweater itself was…

  • Neutral Minimalist Style: Uniqlo oversized knit vest, Zara skirt, Tutuanna socks, Kurt Geiger Lovebug leather sneakers, Fossil backpack, Firmoo red glasses, Cirkus Charms silver triangle earrings.

    Of Friendships

    When I have time to myself, I sometimes – more than I’d like to – ruminate on my part in the world. While it’s refreshing to take apart the reasons why I act the way I do, most of the time it takes a darker turn where I find that I do not measure up. In this particular instance to wit, I thought about my definition of friendships, and how it lies on the other end of the rope from people who seem to be able to casually call strangers friends. Perhaps I over-complicate the situation, but ‘acquaintance with whom I enjoy a mutual understanding over food or witty banter’…

  • Christmas bouquet for the husband: Purple roses, orange Metalasia, Paranormus. Copper lights from Dresslily.

    Making a Flower Bouquet

    I surprised Ottie with a bouquet a flowers a couple of days before Christmas this past week. Neither of us had given each other flowers before, and it was a subject that had popped up recently, so I took the opportunity when I had an off day to head over to Far East Orchid to pick out some blooms. Despite my mock-complaining that he’d never given me flowers in our four years together, what was better than receiving flowers was claiming the spot of giving him flowers first. I kissed him first four years ago, so he came back by proposing to me first last year; I wasn’t going to just retire into being…