• Male Jungle Carpet Python Snake at the Tokyo Snake Center in Tokyo.

    Tokyo: World Breakfast All Day, Tokyo Snake Center, Preface: Image in Politics

    This was our first full day in Tokyo: When at first you think about how cute your husband is creating a bed fort to shield himself from the light but then he refuses to wake for the next two hours for the rest of the trip… Brunch was held at World Breakfast All Day, which focused on Israel for the months of March and April. It’s a small space and about twelve people sit at a table. Very cosy: Loved the little gold hands on the door. Menu! They also had non-Israeli foods if one wasn’t into hummus and stuff. Interesting titbits on Israel. The both of us didn’t get the…

  • Punny outfit: Tea-rex socks, Mango leather sneakers.


    This post exists solely for the sake of showing off this pair of punny socks. I like tea and I like dinosaurs (although my favourite as a kid was the Triceratops), so this ‘Tea-Rex’ was a pretty perfect marriage of the two. I don’t have much else to say now, apart from commenting on this cool ‘Game Over’ bag that Shasha got for my birthday last year, so I’ll just end off with something amusing I heard at a store one day, years ago – a dad telling his child that the dinosaur on the book cover they were looking at was called a “Trex”. Wearing Topman Tea-Rex socks Jucy…


    Jucy Judy

    I was browsing through Zalora recently and stumbled upon Jucy Judy, an oddly-named Korean label that is often associated with ESL countries. Whether accidental or intentional, the name perfectly encompasses the quirky designs. I fell hard for those juicy embroidery and odd motifs! Eventually settled on a much tamer dress (with pockets of course), which I wore out for a lunch date with Ottie a while back. We even found a perfect wall to take some photos at: Oh look, it’s my favourite RGB colour combination again. :P Wearing Jucy Judy Love Floral Side Ruffle Dress Firmoo red glasses Mango shopper bag Japan red origami crane earrings Stance camouflage socks Timberland…