• Shein champagne crushed velvet slip dress, Gamiss peacock blue velvet embroidered bomber jacket, Mango white leather shopper tote bag, Aldo layered silver necklace, Floral Jugentil Japonism Inkbox tattoos.

    Craft Weekend: Singapore Design Week

    It’s been raining lately, and last Saturday was no exception as I donned my new Shein acquisition – a crushed velvet slip dress in champagne – and cajoled Brat #1 into braving wet weather so that his vain older cousin could get her outfit of the day documented. I’ve been there since Brat #1 (and Brat #2) were born, and I consider them younger brothers. I’d like to think that it’s reciprocated – I mean, Brat #1 even missed the last ten minutes of his Lakers game just for these photos. I was stoked to have received my bottles of Inkbox – temporary tattoos for the fickle person that I…