• The Expanse cosplay Julie Mao & Joe Miller (#TheExpanseCosplayWeek)

    The Expanse Cosplay: In Another Life

    #TheExpanseCosplayWeek happened, so I dragged Ottie into our first foray into cosplay. We adore The Expanse and thought that it would be cool to delurk and contribute to one of the massively underrated shows here, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that a motivating factor was how we thought – erroneously – that these two characters were pretty easy to start off with. Actually, Ottie had a fine time not needing to do anything other than pick items from his wardrobe to be Joe Miller. Meanwhile I had to break out a dusty sewing kit in order to hone a cute little callous on the side of my…


    Speak Gently

    I received this pair of ultra soft rayon pants as a guest gift when I attended an Indian wedding a month back. I don’t think I’ve ever owned ethnic prints like this, so I guess this was a first for me? Toned the loud prints down with some neutrals for a lazy date downtown – I don’t even remember why we’d ventured to this area in our quest to find some comfort food. But hey, we had fun. There’s a huge trompe-l’Å“il sticker on the floor of the tube. I’m not sure how long it’ll stay there for, and while it’s pretty entertaining to take pictures at for a while,…