• Meowy Christmas outfit: Black knee high cat socks, Mango black leather sneakers.

    Meowy Christmas

    I attended two office christmas parties yesterday. The first was with the best colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to work with for the past two years. The second was Ottie’s potluck gathering with staff and clients. I ended up changing outfits for the second party in the evening, not just because Ottie basically begged me not to wear black despite my newly-acquired Meowy Christmas sweater (in black) being the most appropriate festive piece, but I wound up getting cat fur all over my clothes after taking these photos and they had to be thrown in the wash. SO CUTE. This was my third and last Merparty with my colleagues. I brought…

  • ZoukOut 2016 outfit: Missguided Parrot Print Crossover Bikini Top, Forever 21 green denim shorts, CNDirect blue chiffon kimono cardigan, Topman gorilla socks, Timberland blue boots.

    ZoukOut 2016

    I won a pair of tickets to ZoukOut this year, thanks to 52,000 points stagnating in my Perx EZ-Link Rewards card and a mailer telling me that I could win a pair of tickets via lucky draw for 100 points each. Guess where I blew all my points on. :P Also, can I just say that winning day 2 was icing on top of the cake because I wouldn’t have been able to make it to day 1. Also, Zedd and Martin Garrix were set to play on day 2, and I really wanted to see them if I was going. Score! Here’s basically how my weekend went down. We…


    Not Quite Basic, Not Quite Skeletal

    Ottie & I went out for pizza in town one day. We were feeling lazy, so I pulled on some easy staples for the trip… well not too lazy, because I made the effort to drape on a necklace and smeared some lipstick to spice things up – we were going downtown after all. Today I was skinny-shamed once more, by my own dad no less. It’s kinda hypocritical considering how he was bone-thin until he hit old age (he’s now normal weight), so I promptly let him know that I probably have his genes to blame for my skeletal figure. These comments, questions, and sometimes advice come from a…