• Wefie with Daryl Goh, YX, and Ottie at NPE Art Residency: Folds of Mind.

    NPE Art Residency: Folds of Mind

    Ottie and I visited the opening show of two new residents at NPE Art Residency last month. I heard about this art residency sometime in 2015 and since then have always been fascinated by how Daryl Goh manages to manoeuvre his extensive network in order to support the local arts scene through such initiatives… of course it being a free three-month residency, vacancies are only available from 2019 onwards last I heard. This time, it looks like Daryl brought this idea to another level by opening up a gallery to show for these residencies, and I was happy to be invited to its first gallery opening. I’m very excited to see…

  • Ottie and Kooling posing in front of a neon lights mural in Perth Australia.

    Perth: Murals & Elizabeth Quay

    Last year, I made a spur decision to visit Kooling of Beads & Blossoms in November for an extended weekend. I dragged Ottie with me and we caught an early morning flight to Perth. A cat nap later, we managed to muster the energy to follow Kooling, our host and guide for our trip, to some interesting places. Brunch at Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall. Such a pretty place for food and also to get a haircut! We wandered on downtown and I couldn’t help but linger on some colourful walls: Ottie and Kooling posing while I tested the shot. The day called for light makeup, as I didn’t want to…

  • Uniqlo bratop, M)phosis sheer shirt, CNDirect distressed denim shorts, Urban Outfitters knit lace socks, Zalora shoes, Firmoo glasses.

    Time & Space & UV Rays

    I’ve sort of been putting my blog on the back burner as certain events transpire over the next couple of months. It doesn’t help that I’ve finally begun to organise the contents of three hard-drives (and possibly one dating back to pre-2010 full of old artwork if it’s able to be revived) and wow does that bring back old memories. I’ve been sharing snippets of them over at my Instagram and each time I come across something – or someone – I forgot about, I remember that my fervent documentation is because I forget. One of my favourite shirts comes from a local brand which has since shut down. I’ve been…