• Extra long santa hat and a little black dress for christmas 2017.

    Christmas 2017

    It’s been a whirlwind of a year this 2017, and I’m pretty glad to be putting it behind me soon. Unfortunately, most of my time-consuming projects will only end next year… but at least I’ll also be moving into a new place in a few months! It’s been a headache preparing for the move since August, and now that things are finally underway, I’m looking forward to having a proper chair for me to park my ass while I stare down my laptop screen. As it is, I’ve spent the past two years sitting on my bed and it’s been causing my thirty-one year old spine a lot of grief.…

  • Meowy Christmas outfit: Black knee high cat socks, Mango black leather sneakers.

    Meowy Christmas

    I attended two office christmas parties yesterday. The first was with the best colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to work with for the past two years. The second was Ottie’s potluck gathering with staff and clients. I ended up changing outfits for the second party in the evening, not just because Ottie basically begged me not to wear black despite my newly-acquired Meowy Christmas sweater (in black) being the most appropriate festive piece, but I wound up getting cat fur all over my clothes after taking these photos and they had to be thrown in the wash. SO CUTE. This was my third and last Merparty with my colleagues. I brought…


    Christmas 2015

    Happy holidays! Christmas has been over for a while now in Singapore, but there’s always the New Year’s and sparkling wine to look forward to in a few more days. I spent this Christmas sleeping in, waking up at 3 o’clock in the afternoon – this has got to be the most relaxing Christmas I’ve had in a while, just the way I like it. I also just created a Christmas tag for my blog! You can check out all my Christmas posts here. This was what I wore to the Christmas eve party at work. This pair of flare shorts from GU has got to be one of my…