Silk & Beads

What I wore to meet up with Yuunsama to discuss her wedding plans!

The inside of the lace top is cooling silk. It felt so good wearing this. <3

Does anyone recognise this cloth? I realised where Yingz got the cloth for this bag when I went to IKEA the other day. I should go there again with this bag and pose together with the display cloth. XDD

I loves it.

Also, I R Dork.

✿ Cream lace top: The Silhouette (Japan)
✿ Dark grey harem pants: Malaysia
✿ Floral boots: Wonder Rocket (Japan)
✿ Black lace & beads necklace: Paris Kids (Japan)
✿ Yellow rose ring: Malaysia
✿ Reversible cloth bag: made by Yingz

Bwahaha five out of six of these items were purchased overseas. XDD

Yuunsama and I had lunch at Ma Maison. This was the branch at Millennia Walk. The food was saltier than I remembered…

That old sewing machine. TwT

My nose was red and chafed from all the sneezing the previous day. :(

I always have omurice at Ma Maison.

Yuunsama’s beef stroganoff.

And her iced tea! The copper cup was so pretty.

Yuunsama kept on adding milk! She even asked for an extra cup of milk. Crazy girl! I think this was more milk than tea… XD

I’m quite excited about her wedding, but very apprehensive about whether I can pull it off…


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