Shanghai: Yu Garden & Tsui Wah Restaurant & Han Ji BBQ Lobster

We took a bus bound for Yu Yuan (豫园) one night. I had read about it in guidebooks, citing it as a tourist spot during the day and night. The place was beautiful at night- all those lights! I couldn’t have imagined olden-style architecture mixing well with modern lighting, but they did a great job here. It felt like we were walking in a comic book.

Here are a couple of photos from my dSLR:

Building at Yu Yuan, Shanghai.

Yu Yuan at night, Shanghai.

And a couple from my phone:

Yu Yuan, Shanghai.

Yu Yuan, Shanghai.

And a group photo from Ade:

Ren, Puey, and Ade at Yu Yuan, Shanghai. Photo by Ade.Photo by Ade.

Later on, Ade and Puey were very excited to find that a Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳) was situated a five minute walk away from our hotel. It’s purportedly gained fame as a Hong Kong cafe, though I’d never heard of it before. Then again, I’d never have heard about a lot of things if not for my foodie friends. It is unfortunate for the world that these two are way more active offline than online.

Anyway, we headed over for a supper of condensed milk toast and some tea:

Ren and Puey in Cui Hua Photo by Ade.Photo by Ade.
Me and Puey. I was attempting to emulate the face on those cute tea cups. XD

Toasted bread and tea at Cui Hua Restaurant in Shanghai.How many of these delicious crispy condensed milk bread did I eat I don’t remember. Condensed milk + crispy toast = an unstoppable Ren. ♥

Milk tea in a cute tea cup at Cui Hua Restaurant in Shanghai.

Milk tea at Cui Hua Restaurant in Shanghai.I just loved their tea cups so much. Unfortunately their milk tea didn’t impress me. Perhaps I should have added way more sugar than I was comfortable with.

Speaking of night time eatings, our hotel was also located right across a street famed for crayfish. Walking down that particular street proved to be an ordeal, having to dodge the aggressive touters trying to pull you into their seafood stall. Sometimes literally. One night we decided to try out Han Ji BBQ Lobster and ate so much it was almost obscene:

Bowl of crayfish in Shanghai, China.

Puey and Ren and crayfish in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

Ade posing with grilled corn in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

Seafood in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

Seafood in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

Seafood in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

Boiled crab in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

Crab and seafood in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

Viva 小龙虾 and friends!

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