Shanghai: Jing’an & Tian Zi Fang & FC Salon

Not gonna lie, this is just a mishmash of some of the sights in Shanghai, plus a haircut.

First off, Jing’an (静安)- site of a pretty cool park and a busy buddhist temple (which, according to Wikipedia, is a replica of the ancient historical one the district was named after):

Jing'an park, Shanghai.Jing’an park.

Gold lion statues on a pillar at Jing'an, Shanghai.

Writing down a name after donating to the temple at Jing'An temple, Shanghai.Woman writing down her name after donating to the temple.

Patterned floor at the Jing'an temple in Shanghai.Patterned floor at the temple.

Black and white mural in Jing'an, Shanghai.And a super cool mural across the street.

We had lunch at Hai Di Lao Hotpot (海底捞火锅) after. It was a great experience- we even had a guy pull noodles for us! I couldn’t not record it on video… he was smoooooth.

Ade at Hai Di Lao Hotpot Restaurant in Shanghai.Photo from Ade.

Ren and Puey at Hai Di Lao Hotpot Restaurant in Shanghai.Photo by Ade.

We later took a walk through Tian Zi Fang (田子坊), an artsy area consisting of small indie shops and cute cafes. The drizzle started getting heavier when we got there, so I didn’t take a lot of photos. I might also have been distracted by the variety of shiny on display. XD

Map at Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai.Map of the shops.

Shop decoration at Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai.Colourful shop decoration! Love it.

Lastly, we made an impromptu decision to get a haircut at FC Salon. I was merely toying with the idea of a perm, and somehow managed to blow my budget a hundred fold after my head went through the hands and persuasion of the hairdressers. Having not been to a legit salon in so many years, my deflective techniques were crippled at the 老师’s persistence. Yes, they brought in the big guy to do my hair; I was defenseless. These are just excuses though. I seem to have a blind spot for the kind of people who inadvertently tickle me to death whenever they wash my hair; what’s supposed to be a relaxing massage always seems to be a tense anticipation of which-tickle-bone-is-next for me. ^^;

On the bright side, I liked how my hair turned out, slightly wavy but not obviously permed. I might want to go for the more obvious route in the future though.

Ren and Puey at FC Salon, Shanghai. Photo by Ade.I also managed to find myself some bubble milk tea from CoCo. :P
Photo by Ade.

Ade getting her hair shampooed at FC Salon, Shanghai.

Getting my hair shampooed at FC Salon, Shanghai.I didn’t know that my hair could have structure with just shampoo. Dude. It’s magic.

Getting a perm at FC Salon, Shanghai.Perming times! I learnt quite a bit on how to save money by using cotton buds hur hur.

Ren, Ade, and Puey after a haircut at FC Salon, Shanghai.Photo of the three of us post haircut, before we had to rush to catch our last nighttime tourist destination.

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