Shamis in Singapore: Southern Ridges & Robertson Quay

One of the awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of calling a friend finally paid a visit to Singapore! Shamis was my partner-in-crime when it came to exploring interesting places (Salvation Mountain, Old Spanish Days Fiesta) and all the conventions I used to lurk around when I lived in Los Angeles (Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con, Wonder Con). I brought him to one of my favourite places in Singapore, Southern Ridges, one that was popular when first unveiled but has seemed to have lost its popularity in recent years.

We spent 3 hours on the 10 km trail. It was pretty awesome despite the flash storm we had to sit through halfway.

Composition of Shamis sitting on a bench at Marang Trail, overlooking Singapore.

View of a downpour in the distance from the Southern Ridges Trail in Singapore.View of a downpour in the distance.

Seeking shelter from a storm along the Southern Ridges Trail in Singapore.It eventually blew over here. I was miserably cold, but we managed to seek shelter at a pavilion while Shamis found it his mission to photograph the way rain struck the ground.

I was really excited to show off Henderson Waves, my favourite spot of the Southern Ridges. Unfortunately, the universe conspired against us as not only was it raining, the structure was also closed for repairs. In a rare stroke of luck, one of the workers took pity on our drenched souls and escorted us across Henderson Waves. We even got a glimpse through the gaping hole they had uncovered in order to maintain the underside of the structure! Totally not for the weak of heart. XD

Garden in progress along the Southern Ridges Trail in Singapore.We came across a garden in progress, which I’ve archived as a potential photoshoot venue once the florals are fully planted.

Selfie along the Southern Ridges Trail in Singapore.Selfie after the rain turned into a bearable drizzle. Also, cute grid on a hill was cute.

Forest Walk: Steel bridge along the Southern Ridges Trail in Singapore.

Forest Walk: Steel bridge along the Southern Ridges Trail in Singapore.The Forest Walk.

We eventually reached the HortPark, but by then we were too tired to go on any further past the vertical botanical installation. Some pictures:

Closeup of a snail on a flower after the rain.

Path across a pond at the Hort Park, Singapore.

Lotus in a stone bowl at the Hort Park, Singapore.

White orchids at the Hort Park, Singapore.

Lawn at the Hort Park, Singapore.I would love to hold a party at this open area.

Mirror shot of Shamis and Ren and a mosaic wall at the Hort Park, Singapore.Mosaics are another of my favourite things.

We finally took a train to Clarke Quay, where we stayed through the night to catch the lights while catching up.

Ramen at Marutama, Liang Court, Singapore.First, lunch at Marutama Ramen, where they’ve perfected the art of the half boiled egg – hard on the outside but delightfully soft on the inside.

Sunset at Robertson Quay, Singapore.We caught the sunset at Robertson Quay.

Selfie at The Art Bridge at Robertson Quay, Singapore.We also chilled by The Art Bridge for some pictures. More specifically, Shamis took pictures while I entertained myself while resting my tired ass.

Selfie at The Art Bridge at Robertson Quay, Singapore.

Optical illusion wefie at The Art Bridge at Robertson Quay, Singapore.It had to be done.

The next day, I caught a cold and amassed a headache that grew worse as the day went by, but not before having lunch with Shamis at Maxwell Food Centre and then exploring The Tintin Shop in Chinatown. It was one of my favourite comics as a kid:

Selfie with a wall banner outside The Tintin Shop in Chinatown, Singapore.

The Tintin Shop in Chinatown, Singapore.

I had to leave Shamis in Chinatown for a meeting, and nearly died during said meeting when the nausea hit harder than I could endure. Needless to say, I had to change my plans with Shamis for the evening as I went home to rest after. Shamis proved his awesomeness by being so understanding when I failed as a host and by successfully meandering through the unfamiliar neighbourhood to find my house, and then again by sitting quietly by the end of the sofa as I continued to doze my sickness away at the other end till the sun set.

本当にすみませんでした。m(_ _)m

Turned out that all I needed were some antihistamines and I was feeling much better by the end of dinner at East Coast with Mum and Shamis. It was a good dinner, but I hadn’t had the appetite for the most part. In fact, I don’t think I’ve regained the full extent of my appetite since I got struck down so pathetically from the cold. Oh well.

Stay tuned for the second part of my expeditions through Singapore with Shamis!

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