Seoul: Godabang Cat Cafe

I’m so excited to finally be getting to writing about my trip to Godabang Cat Cafe! Ottie and I visited the branch sandwiched in the middle of Hongdae, Seoul. Ottie is very much a cat person, having two of his own. I on the other hand, have never kept cats, only dogs, despite liking both. Have never felt comfortable with the possibility that a cat could jump to its death from my window thirteen stories up. So well, the cat heaven cafe was the highlight of my day.

IMG_8872A Garfield mascot advertising the cat cafe nearby.


The first thing that we had to do after entering the cafe was to switch our shoes out for indoor slippers at the doorway; as is the case with most Korean establishments I’ve encountered, boots are a major inconvenience in this country. After that, we entered the cafe proper through the swinging door. Hand sanitiser and a sink with soap are situated right next to the door, so it’s very convenient to clean up before and after the visit. The ‘entrance fee’ was about $8, which was the price of the mandatory drink that we each had to get. Not bad considering that there was no limit as to how long we could stay. Drinks paid for, we got a sheet of paper with cute illustrations stating the big no-no’s at this cafe regarding the cats. And then, like the feline residents, we were free to roam.





It just so happened that we arrived at the right time when the cats were to be fed! After the initial feeding from a staff member, she went round the cafe plopping wet cat food onto our hands, so that everyone got to bribe feed the cats.



IMG_8818This pretty white ball of fur was so forward that I ended up succumbing into giving up the rest of the cat food on my hand.


IMG_8837We moved around the cafe a lot, and chanced upon this black plastic bag that the previous occupants left behind at one of the cute tables. Being more experienced with cats and knowing what they like, Ottie introduced the plastic bag into the cats’ play time. They were obsessed. Three of them especially would take turns to prowl into the bag and swat at the random rustling that Ottie and I would make at corners. At one point, I upended the plastic bag and let the floor fan move it gently across the floor, just to see how the cats would react. It scared them. It was adorable in a ‘daww poor things!’ way, though it amused the other cafe-goers.

IMG_8832Ottie was enamored by this Scottish Fold.

IMG_8792I love its stripes.


IMG_8853This cat basically spent the entire time we were there lounging atop a glass shelf above us, waking only during feeding time.






  • kelly

    I am a cat-lover more than a dog-lover cos they’re quite low maintenance and do not keep seeking attention. Any way….you have a very nice review and great pics! Will visit again! (Sooooo wanna visit Korea!)

    • ✿ren

      Thanks Kelly! If you’re in Singapore, there’s one too! I haven’t been yet, since you apparently need to book an appointment two weeks in advance. ^^;

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