Santa Barbara & Old Spanish Days Fiesta


f223397546My eyes, they be like (-_-).


f223593450River Island dress + Romwe leggings + F21 chain necklace + Dr. Martens pink boots + T-shirt & Jeans backpack

Shamis and I made a trip down to Santa Barbara one Thursday afternoon. We’d originally gone there with the intention to catch the Sketchbook Project 2012 tour on its United States leg, but since Shamis wasn’t free on the weekend when it was scheduled to go down to Los Angeles, we went up to catch it in Santa Barbara. When we got there, we were confused to see so many roadside vendors selling wonderfully-painted eggs.

I queried the first stall that we came across, asking why it was that there were so many decorated eggs, and the husband replied that it was for the Old Spanish Days Fiesta. They spend an entire year making these eggs for the annual fiesta. These eggs are filled with confetti and cracking one over someone’s head brings good luck. I was appalled at the idea of those pretty eggs he and his wife had on display until he mentioned that people usually collect the better-decorated ones. Whew!

I also couldn’t believe our luck in catching a festival right when we got there. :D

f220550826These were some of the ones on display at their stall- cleverly-disguised strawberries, Batman, Superman, and Mickey Mouse.

f220580586I fell in love with their Snow White ones. They were so precious!

f223035626Indie-looking, child-like drawings on confetti eggs. This style holds a special place in my heart.

f537669930Minions (Despicable Me).

f537635562Angry Birds, Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.), and Nemo (Finding Nemo).


f223150378Solid-coloured eggs are sold for cheaper, at about five for a dollar. These were the ones that people would buy to crack on other people’s heads.

f539844330A collection of eggs that I got from the festival.

f223185450The streets were littered with confetti down so many blocks, so I could understand why this restaurant posted this sign.

Shamis and I got lunch at Pascucci, a quaint Italian cafe that belied a much more spacious interior than its front led us to believe.

f220714730I couldn’t stop eating their garlic bread. They were so delicious that I asked for a second basket after guzzling down the ones in the first. Luckily, the bread was free-flow.

f220931882My pasta was delish, aside from the shrimp being a tad too salty for my taste. But my pasta was just about perfect with the texture and yummy sauce. Shamis’ order was a bit of a disappointment though.



f220870762Our waitress was incredibly friendly too, and we both marveled at her long grey hair which she tied at the back.

Stomachs sated, we crossed the road to the Mercado de la Guerra, where the heart of the festival was:

f221117098Flags above the beer garden.

f221228970Handmade mermaid plaque.

f221327850Shamis trying on a hair clip.

f222921002We sat down to watch the performances on the stage. The live music accompanying the colourful dances were pretty electric, and not just because we ended up seating right at the front. There was a young woman who did a solo dance and the both of us were admiring the muscles in her arms.


We continued our exploration of Santa Barbara down towards the beach:




f223613610_aniDislocating the seagulls.


f537440298Stand up paddle surfing.


f223981610We could smell the waffle cones being made at the ice cream shop on the pier and couldn’t resist getting a scoop of ice cream each.


f223822570Novel idea of getting loose change.



f537382890Goofing around with an art installation in an homage to Moby Dick.


f537172330_aniHere we are levitating, crazy dance style.

The day about to end, we finally made our way towards the mobile library of the Sketchbook Project. But that is another tale to tell on another day.

Outfit photos taken by Shamis.

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