Sakura Saku

I finally got done organising the photos I took from my recent trip to Japan, and couldn’t resist posting some of my first legit blossoms in Japan! Ottie and I visited Yoyogi Park to find that one tree had jumped the gun sprouting blooms a week early. In fact, if you check out my semi-new and maybe-neglected Facebook page where I’ve been posting blog outtakes, the overall sight was quite sorry. Nonetheless, I was undeterred and fully made use of my 50mm lens cropping out all the non-blooming trees in the background:

I guess you could also call this a sneak peek of my velvet outfits for Japan. I literally packed all of my velvet pieces into my luggage. This piece by Shein was my latest acquisition and looked so perfect against the faintly-pink blooms that it was a pity that I didn’t save it till later in my trip when more cherry blossoms bloomed. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Shein velvet dress (c/o)
Zaful lace choker

Outfit photos by Ottie.


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