I had brunch at Rouse with Shasha and Ruru a while back, a quaint little Halal cafe that opened on Dunlop Street. We had seen the pretty decor from pictures that Shasha’s siblings had taken, and were eager to try the food that they had recommended.

We managed to find our way from Little India station thanks to Ruru’s navigational prowess, though we had a bit of trouble once we were in the general vicinity as Rouse was largely hidden under a large grey sign that said it was an electrical company. XD

Menu and table decor at Rouse Cafe.

Shasha, Ruru, and Ren at Rouse cafe, Singapore.

Fresh juices at Rouse cafe.Lemon Earl Grey Tea, Peppermint Cucumber Tea, and Mango Forest Berries Tea.

Lunch spread at cafe Rouse.Shasha’s and my Beef Wrapped Asparagus and Ruru’s Quinoa Quake.

Beef Wrapped Asparagus at cafe Rouse.My Beef Wrapped Asparagus was so yummy, I loved the pumpkin sauce and the egg was poached to perfection. Also, I may have a bias towards anything asparagus.

Chocolate cake at cafe Rouse.We shared a chocolate cake for dessert.

It was good. The end of Ramadan can’t come soon enough!


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