REMAP Party 2013

This was the last REMAP party that I had the pleasure of being part of. Jeff organised it to welcome all the new interns who had joined- ZHao, Json, Conan, Nya, and Petev among them. Prior to that, Zen organised an email thread for most of us going from Westwood. Also, she really wanted to bring something for Jeff. Helium balloons, to be specific. And so with my rusty memory of seeing a helium tank at Aahs! (the neighbourhood time-suck-gift-shop) for Zen to try her luck at, and a rough budget from everyone who pooled money, we managed to get ourselves a number of floaty balloons bordering on the obscene. Obscenely crazy. XD

Writing on helium balloons on the Culver City Bus at UCLA, Los Angeles.We wrote ‘We Love Remap’ in different languages and signed our names on every golden balloon on the bus. It was chaos.

Helium balloons at the REMAP part at Jeff's house in Marina Del Rey.

Helium balloons at the REMAP part at Jeff's house in Marina Del Rey.

Marta taking a picture of the helium balloons at the REMAP party at Jeff's house.Their final resting places at Jeff’s living room.

Spread at the table at Jeff's living room.Jeff in the background as he prepared all the food to be spread on their new table! Looked so yummy.

A dozen Chipotle burritos at the REMAP party at Jeff's house.About a dozen Chipotle burritos. Holy cow.

A bowl of salad at the kitchen counter about to be served at the REMAP party at Jeff's house.More food being prepared in the kitchen.

Jeff's kitchen counter at the REMAP party at Jeff's house.If this kitchen counter looks familiar, it was because Deb and I spent New Year’s Dog-sitting for them!

Alcohol at Jeff's house for the REMAP party.I loved the polar bear details on the glasses.

Annabel at the REMAP party at Jeff's house in Marina Del Rey.Hello again Annabel! ♥

A few of the guys went to play beach volleyball, while another group of us took a walk down to the Venice Canals nearby. Annabel came along too, and I was charged with walking her. I missed it so much, and was sad that Deb wasn’t there. :(

Mural on a wall at Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles.

Purple flower.

Cheeky cat sticker on top of a 'Leash Your Dogs' sign at Venice Canal.

Annabel by the Venice Canal.

Venice Canals, Los Angeles.

Man reading at his house by the Venice Canal, Los Angeles.

Annabel on her walk.

Annabel drinking from a cup of water.After our trip to the tourist attraction, I noticed Annabel sticking out her tongue more often, and was horrified to realise that I hadn’t brought water out for her! Luckily, Zen, Marta and Nya helped her get a cup from a restaurant (which didn’t allow pets, but were kind enough to accomodate our request).

Venice Beach from the jetty on a foggy Los Angeles walk.We headed to the jetty, where you could make out the large sculpture in the middle of Venice Beach under the fog.

Annabel's pee. The only time it had a bit of blood in it.I had to take a picture of Annabel’s pee sample, as it was the first I noticed which had blood. It had me so worried. Jeff and Amanda kept reassuring me when I told them about it, but still. :(

Warm bread that was given to Annabel on her walk at the jetty on Venice Beach, Los Angeles.I went further down the jetty with Annabel while the rest stayed behind to take in the view, and came across two men fishing. They had a few paper bags on the ground, which Annabel went straight to. One of them dug through a paper bag and fished out a loaf of warm bread for her. That was so nice of him! I thanked them and went back to join the rest of the guys. Annabel is such a lucky girl! I tried to ration the bread to have her down about half throughout the rest of the walk, since she had after-walk treats waiting for her back home.

Conan beckoning to Annabel on the beach at Marina Del Rey.Conan saying hello to Annabel after the volleyball guys met us halfway to go back.

Annabel making friends with a young pug on the beach.This young pup of a Pug was so eager to befriend Annabel, who paid him no attention at all. I felt so sorry for him. He was so cute!

I bade Zen help me take a few shots with Annabel right before we turned in to the house. I’m going to miss her and Mrs. Hudson :(

Ren walking Annabel. OOTD Uniqlo grey bratop, Forever 21 chiffon tulip-back top, Forever 21 purple shorts, Top Shoes brown zippered boots.

Ren walking Annabel. OOTD Uniqlo grey bratop, Forever 21 chiffon tulip-back top, Forever 21 purple shorts, Top Shoes brown zippered boots.F21 top & shorts + Top Shoes boots + Union Bay sunglasses + Uniqlo bratop

Feast at the REMAP party at Jeff's house.Continuing the feast when more colleagues came over.

Randy wearing my pink studded sunglasses.“Your sunglasses are dirty!” Randy complained. Hur hur hur.

Assortment of chocolates at the REMAP party at Jeff's house.Chocolate heaven. I got to take some home too!

Amanda and Jeff at the REMAP party at Jeff's house.Amanda and Jeff, awesome hosts. Thank you!

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