USA 2016: Unglued Craft Fest, Board Games and Animations at Jeff & Dominique’s

We went to the sixth annual Unglued Craft Fest earlier this year with Jeff & Dominique. Held at the Plains Art Museum, this festival was filled with performances, cool crafted items, interactive exhibitions, as well as a peek into the art galleries of the museum. Let’s get Unglued!

Me, Jeff, Dominique, Scott. Dominique’s holding a newly-purchased catnip toy!
Left: I loved the small dinosaur planters from the booth facing the performers! Had to resist the urge to buy them because they would be confiscated at customs. Middle: Scott. Right: This was where Dominique bought the vegetable-themed catnip toys!
Cute workshop spaces.
As you can see, Scott had such a blast at the festival.
Here’s my craft fest outfit, with my mum’s leather jacket making an appearance again. Wearing Topshop top, H&M sweater, P.Rossa jacket, Fox scarf, Uniqlo jeans, Steve Madden boots. Photo assist: Scott.
Jeff & Dominique got themselves a house since the last time we visited. It was also the first time I learnt how buying property worked in the US; apparently everything comes with the house – the fridge, the stove… they couldn’t believe when we said that houses in Singapore come in a husk and don’t have any furnishings. There’s always got to be a wall of awesome at their place. They even had the Exploding Kittens card game! Unfortunately, my request to play that was vetoed. At least I found out about my new favourite tabletop game: Dead of Winter! It was so good that I didn’t mind playing it twice – and that’s saying something because I seldom find interest in repeating board games because I find it too monotonous. Dead of Winter had so many interesting collaborative options that I was excited to find out new storylines each time we played. I also liked that a player wasn’t necessarily taken out of the game when they died – there were after-death plots to deal with too.
Sentinels of the Multiverse was one of Scott’s and Jeff’s favourites, so we ended up playing a few rounds of that. The character Guise (from the expansion pack) was basically as irreverent as Deadpool and was my favourite character to play with. Just take a look at his character bio!
Left: Banana the cat in repose. Middle: We finished all of Gravity Falls and got started on the awesome that was Steven Universe. I recently managed to catch up to all of the episodes so far – so much feels! Both are very cool shows and a must-watch. It’s tempting to re-watch Gravity Falls with the plot twist context in mind while I wait for the new batch of SU episodes… Right: We ordered pizza from Sarpino’s and Scott’s request of ‘Draw a man with a mustache looking pleased with himself somewhere on the package‘ was fulfilled!
Did I mentioned how Jeff made all the yums? Here’s some noms we had at their place!
Here’s General (Tso) looking confused behind the window screen.
Hee hee! Photo by: Scott.