South Korea 2015: Namsan Tower

I visited the famed Namsan Tower! South Korea does have a flair for dramatising their sightseeing spots into romantic getaways.

February was still very chilly, so queueing up outside to buy tickets for the cable car (₩17,000 / USD $15) which would take us to the tower was quite the experience. Lucky for us, the outdoor section lasted for about 15 minutes. Unluckily for us, the lines went up to the third floor. At least it took only about 45 minutes to get to the mountain as the cable cars were very roomy.
Once up the mountain, Scott and I headed straight to get ourselves another ticket to go up to the observation deck (₩18,000 / USD $16).
It was quite a pity that the glass windows weren’t very clean. I didn’t feel quite so inspired as I have other places.
Found the direction of Singapore!! Maybe if I squint hard enough…
These platforms are found interspersed along the deck, forming a cosy corner for people to sit and enjoy the view of Seoul. I liked it about this place.
Not forgetting the love locks that took all of the world by storm. Here’s a tree formed out of love locks.
My favourite photo from our trip to the tower.
Silly selfies.