South Korea 2015: Bukchon Hanok Village

We paid a visit to Bukchon Hanok Village under Ant’s recommendation. It’s hyped as a 600-year-old cultural site for tourists, but had its charms as a result: numerous little boutiques and cafes housed in olden-style architecture in this beautiful fusion of old and new. Scott and I got lost wandering the neighbourhood (as is wont whenever I lead the way with nowhere in mind) and stumbled upon some residential spots arranged in such a way that one would have to really have to trust that their neighbours wouldn’t climb all over their tiled roofs as I was tempted to do.

Some cute shops and art we passed by.
We discovered a palace – I mean school – up a steep slope at the end of the stretch of cafes. Choong Ang High School was a cluster of pretty structures and sprawling grounds. It was easy to see why it was the backdrop for famed drama series Winter Sonata.
Bukchon also offered heritage activities such as kite-making and paper doll workshops, among many others. However, Scott and I are guided by our stomachs, and were more interested in Jung Ae Cookies, this cute little cafe.
The cookies were so delicious that we got two batches of cookies, plus another to go. That’s the owner baking more yummy treats.
Her chocolate-filled cookies are the best
We were obsessed. It was the best thing to eat during winter.