South Africa 2015: Fish Hoek, Silvermine Wetland Conservation Area

We stayed with Ant and his bros in the scenic town of Fish Hoek (Fish Corner). Fish Hoek is 30km away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Cape Town, but the drive to and fro offers such a scenic view of the mountains that I’d be hard pressed to find fault with the traveling time. The sheer beauty of this country just makes me angry for all the years I grew up in a concrete jungle and being deprived of how wonderful it is for humans and nature to co-exist so perfectly.

Puddi Tat is the resident pirate of the house, a one-eyed fluffy furball who only wants love.
King of the perpetually bloody-nosed.
Puddi putting up with my antics during our stay there; here he is modeling the felt hats that SY made!
Apparently, the South African experience is incomplete without a good Braai, so of course we had to have one. It’s fascinating how the variations of barbeque manifest in different countries – it’s obviously taken very seriously here, judging from the hours of prep work in picking out the logs, warming the coals, and then finally cooking the yummy yummy food.
It was my first time having ostrich meat! It is amazingly rich and tasty. I loved it.
Ant’s brother owns a telescope, and why not when you live in a place that throws millions of stars at your naked eye. Apparently the guys saw Saturn! I didn’t, because I am too n00b at peering into the cosmos through an instrument that isn’t exactly the smartest investment in light-polluted Singapore.
The Silvermine Wetland Conservation Area was about a ten-minute walk away from where we stayed at.
Pictures were had when Scott took me there for a leisurely afternoon stroll.
I can’t get my mind over how accessible the mountains are in this country.
I loved how the benches in the conservation area were sponsored by relatives of loved ones passed. It’s a thoughtful way of remembering.
View from the bench.
Wearing Zara tunic & coat, Dressin sunglasses, Taobao hat & socks, Dressgal bag, Something Borrowed shoes. Photo assist: Scott.
Photo assist: Scott.