South Africa 2015: Fairview Wine and Cheese

Apart from its scenic landscapes, South Africa is also known for its wines, and so it was that we headed out to Fairview Wine and Cheese for a wine-tasting weekend activity. Fairview was about an hour’s drive away, so I’m not sure just how often it is that locals make the trip up there… but for good, super cheap wine and cheese? Yeah, we could do that.

The views in this country never failed to impress (as usual).
We also stumbled upon the famous Goat Tower! Scott was beside himself with excitement.
Sneaky goat.
One of those times when Scott dresses for the occasion and looks better than I do.
For a price of 30 Rand (SGD $3, I’m not even joking), we got to enjoy a selection of six wines, cheese included. I had a field day trying out a range of whites and reds.
Just a part of the huge table full of cheese plates that were constantly refreshed with different kinds of cheeses.
There was a selection of bread for sale too.
Scott and I got the munchies for a loaf of bread, but the one we chose had the unfortunate quality of dwarf bread instead of the softness we wanted to complement to cheese and wine. Nevertheless, our wine guy was very nice to source a knife for us to cut our bread during our wine-tasting.
We headed over to the chocolate-tasting, but I was feeling nauseous and lightheaded when we arrived, possibly due to a combination of the afternoon heat, dehydration from the alcohol, and what I realised later was the lack of perspiration due to the dry air. I eventually recovered after the group retreated for drinks at a pretty little clearing under the shade of some trees, while I got a bit of rest. The weird thing was that I only felt better once my hands turned to their usual clammy state; I guess there’s a reason why I’m perpetually living an embarassing state of hyperhidrosis…
Thankfully, Scott went round the chocolate table and took each sample for me, and also helped me to request for water. The staff gave us a bottle of water on the house! That was really nice of them.
Wearing Dressin sunglasses, Newdress dress, Dressgal bag, Stance socks (via Shopbop), Zalora shoes. Photo assist: Scott.