Singapore 2017: PARKROYAL on Pickering Staycation

I planned a surprise staycation for Scott’s birthday over this weekend. I say “planned”, but in fact I only placed a booking just a day prior on a Friday. I also say “for Scott”, but really I just wanted to swim in cool pools. I chose PARKROYAL on Pickering to spend a night at mainly because of their interesting pool, but also because of the champagne breakfast that they offered.

The surprise was a success! I packed one backpack and a duffel bag for the both of us.
I managed to snag an Orchid Club Double Room on level 14 for SGD $350++ (which totalled about SGD $412 after GST). I’d normally balk at spending over a hundred dollars a night at any sort of lodgings, but the Orchid Club rooms offered quite a few perks and privileges that were too cool to pass up on. Scott and I spent quite a while on the comfortable king-sized bed poring over the Orchid Club welcome letter highlighting all the privileges at our fingertips for booking this room. Non-alcoholic drinks from the minibar were complimentary and replenished every day! That was cool, in addition to the two glasses of water already provided in the room, proudly claimed by the hotel to be bottled using the eco-friendly Natura purification system.
We missed the Orchid Club Lounge complimentary afternoon tea which ended at 4pm by the time we arrived at the hotel, and we didn’t want to leave the place in search of food, so in the continued spirit of splurging for this occasion, we decided to order room service. This cold platter and butter paneer masala were just the things we needed. Seriously, those butter paneer masala and olives were the best. The total dine-in experience cost about SGD $67.
We ran out of bread, so Scott called the front desk again asking for more. And we got it for no extra charge. Sweet!
Here’s my Instagram husband obligingly holding out a plate of food for photos which I never used lol.
Beautiful light and shadows from our room at night, offering a view of the structural red flower vent atop CapitaGreen.
We gained access to the Orchid Club Lounge on the rooftop, where complimentary buffet meals and drinks were offered at certain timings.
Margarita for dinner.
Champagne for breakfast.
The fifth floor was a dedicated wellness area which included a small but pretty infinity pool littered with colourful cabanas (we called them birdcages) and a spa. I must say that the public restrooms there were also really well done, providing not just a cozy place to change, shower, and relax with the free toiletries, but also a steam room which I gladly used to give my body a good 40°C (104°F) boiling.
Scott wound up not going into the unheated pool on both days, as the weather wasn’t ideal. Meanwhile I proved my mettle and actually quite enjoyed how chilly it was especially after a few laps.
We also chilled inside one of the cabanas.
We explored the nooks and crannies of the floor and took some pictures where the infinity pool dropped off. It was pretty cool finding this waterfall of sorts.
Our time there was short, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time at PARKROYAL on Pickering. It was just the break we needed from work before heading back into the grind!