Singapore 2017: NPE Art Residency Folds of Mind

Scott and I visited the opening show of two new residents at NPE Art Residency. I had heard about this art residency sometime in 2015 and since then have always been fascinated by how Daryl Goh manages to manoeuvre his extensive network in order to support the local arts scene through such initiatives… of course it being a free three-month residency, vacancies are only available from 2019 onwards last I heard. This time, it looks like Daryl brought this idea to another level by opening up a gallery to show for these residencies, and I was happy to be invited to its first gallery opening. Folds of Mind, the exhibition by Artists in Residencey Helene Le Chatelier and Deusa Blumke, tackles the topics of time, memory, the unseen, and the unspeakable.

The gallery is housed on the second floor of a print shop!
Heading up the stairs, we were greeted by a hanging paper sculpture by Helene Le Chatelier.
Catering was sponsored by Pastamania.
Gallery booklet.
This was my favourite piece from the show.
Here’s Daryl giving a speech to a pretty good turnout while myself, Scott, and YX chilled on the cardboard chairs behind.
Scott, me, YX, and Daryl.