Singapore 2016: Lazada Blogger Bazaar

I was fortunate to score an invite to the first ever Lazada Bloggers Bazaar in Singapore, held at Hotel Jen! Lazada is a prominent online retailer of all sorts of goodies ranging from clothes to electronics in asia, so I was pretty excited to see what they had in store for us for first dibs.

Lazada is celebrating the upcoming year of the monkey by having a site-wide Go Bananas sale on 26 January 2016! Check out the link for more details – there’s even a digital spin-the-wheel and monkey hunt for bonus deals. I wonder how far they’re taking the monkey puns, but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled tomorrow (geddit geddit).

I got to pit my horrid centre of gravity against the Ninebot Hoverboard! This was about as far as I advanced before promptly wussing out. It’s a very sensitive machine which detects slight body movements in order to move in whichever direction you’re leaning towards. The kind staff was very patient reminding me not to consciously counterbalance, and I have a feeling he’d been repeating the same phrase over and over again.
The first booth that Scott and I stopped at was actually at the toys and baby products. I was originally lured by the Play Doh and My Little Pony figurines, but stayed for the baby wipes and milk powder. Bimbosan organic baby milk formula is a leading Swiss product, and comes in many varieties! I was very impressed when I asked if there were any for lactose-intolerant infants (because asians), and the knowledgable staff assured me with some of the colour-coded sample packets which indicated the type I was looking for.
BeBeSup baby wipes from Korea were also featured, and as a germaphobe, I needed to know more. The staff were also kind enough to give me a sample packet of the Sheer Gold! The thickness of the wipes and pleasantly bland odour felt very reliable and comforting to me.
BB-8 was also seen running around bumping into unsuspecting people’s feet. It was cute, but I had to constantly quell the urge to stomp on it.
The UPQ Touch Panel Keyboard looked like it came from the future! Scott and I had a go at typing on it, but while I appreciate the easy cleaning of the component, my very clammy hands won’t allow me to accurately utilise it.
Corsair gaming components decked in all colours of the rainbow.
Scott tried on the Klipsch oval-shaped in-ear earphones.
We both aren’t big fans of in-ears, but he decided to give it a try because of the unique shape.
This DJI Phantom 3 quadcoptor with a built-in 4K camera on a stabiliser was pretty neat! Too bad there wasn’t enough space for a demonstration – I’d have loved to see it in action.
We were encouraged to spin the wheel before commencing lunch. I won a voucher for 8% off at anything from the House & Living category.
Lunch spread.
Having gorged on McBreakfast just a couple hours earlier, Scott and I didn’t have much of an appetite, so we attacked the variety of salads spread out. It was delicious. What was even more delicious was the minestrone soup and a very juicy bread when dipped in it. I couldn’t not help myself to a second serving. It was that good.
View from where we dined.
I was happy to meet up with Jodulu – and she sported such beautiful purple hair! Loved it.
Made a new friend in Cassansaurus too!
Scott won a children’s play set.
We ended up giving the set to a new friend who has young kids.
Wearing Urban Outfitters dress, Tutuanna socks, Alexander McQueen x Puma (via Shopbop) shoes. Photo assist: Scott.