Singapore 2016: High Tea at Ritz Carlton Colony

Scott gave me a belated birthday treat at the Ritz Carlton Colony. This year has been pretty ridiculous in terms of schedule-clashing (in more ways than one hur hur), so I spent my birthday and most of the weekend recuperating from work-related issues. It was well-worth the wait – for $49++ per person for high tea, we got the ambience (those high domed ceilings are so pretty), the sugar-high, and even a tickling of the umami. Everything was oh-so-good.

Didn’t manage to capture the flames from our Crepe Suzette in this snap, but apart from the pyro aesthetics, this was simply delicious. We literally cleaned out the chef’s store of crepes in 2 rounds.
A flute of refreshing champagne to celebrate! It came with the high tea. Coffee and tea were also available in addition to it (their Earl Grey tea was also delicious).
The Savoury box came in a beautifully-manufactured wooden box with simple front metal clasps and an old world map soldered onto the face of the lid. Five items were nestled inside just waiting to titillate our tastebuds. It was easily the highlight of our high tea, even though my main goal was to get as much of a sugar-high as possible. Everything was good, but personally I couldn’t get enough of that Shepherd’s Pie.
It was a good meal.