Singapore 2015: Trick Eye Museum Renewal Preview

Scott and I were treated to an exclusive Trick Eye Renewal Preview Event at the Singapore branch in Sentosa. Their branch in Korea originally contacted me about it, since I wrote about my visit to the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul last year, but I’ve been based in Singapore for a while now, and the one right here underwent a renewal too! The Singapore Trick Eye Museum is located at Waterfront Station (accessible via the monorail, boardwalk, and bus from the main island of Singapore), and thereafter it’s short work of navigating through the barrage of food, sights, and the tempting selfie opportunity in front of the Universal Studios Singapore globe located in the center. The new exhibits are pretty cool! We had a great time monkeying around trick of the eye pieces both new and familiar. We even got a worldwide passport to all the Trick Eye Museum branches! I can’t wait to use it whenever Scott and I revisit Korea and their renewed pieces (plus a love museum!)

I had to get on the Merlion ride! Scott was very enthused about it.
The 4D interactive displays were fun! I had a workout at some of them, virtually and physically.
You can see me battling it out with David here.
My favourite themed room of the museum – Fantasy!
Into the dark and eerie skull-infested room of mystery.
Well, that’s one way to wake a person up.
Scott shows off his gravity-defying skills.
I can levitate too.
I’ll leave you with some inappropriate Dali­-grabbing.
Even the goodie bags were printed cute!